Meet the 2012 Miss Shamrock Contestants and
why they want to be Miss Shamrock 2012

Alison I would make a great Miss Shamrock because of my "Irish Charm" and gift of gab! As an accomplished, driven professional, I pride myself on being highly responsible, respectful and personable. I love to meet new people and have a good time seeking out new experiences, yet I also have strong family values and Catholic foundations.
Alissa Being Miss Shamrock would be an honor as I have a deep love for all things that celebrate the Irish culture. From my grandfather who was once suspended from De La Salle high school for dying his hair green on St. Patrickís Day, to my parents who would enthusiastically drink green beer any day of the week if we would let them, I was born to celebrate this holiday. I was raised by two Irish temperaments which resulted in me being headstrong, slightly stubborn, and as much as I hate to admit it, loud. I am also outgoing and never hesitate to strike up a conversation with anyone. I love having fun and lending a hand to anyone in need and being active is the only way I know to be. Being Miss Shamrock would allow me to expand my public outreach even more and representing the St. Patrick's Association and our great capitol would be a dream come true.
Casey I think I would make a GREAT Miss Shamrock for many reasons. St Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday (partly because it is my birthday at midnight!) I always dress up at work. Last year it was this hideous green dress, before that it was a handmade shirt with some inappropriate sayings on it (silly corporate atmosphere; they made me wear my fleece over it all day!) I've also made a tradition of bringing green jello shots into work, although the first time I brought them people were worried that I had ignored the strict no alcohol policy! It is really fun watching the older guys try to get all the jello out :) I'm just saying! Other than my obvious passion for St Patties Day, I have to say that Shamrocks is my favorite bar. I go there after kickball regularly, I even forced my coworkers to make the hike from Chanhassen to come there and have some drinks with me. Oh, and of course I'm very fun and outgoing!!

I believe I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I am very proud to be a strong woman of Irish heritage. My motherís family is the very proud Irish Finnís and I grew up surrounded by her large & loud bunch of brothers and sisters. They helped instill in me the love of the Irish culture and my heritage.
I may be a bit stubborn but when I encounter a problem, I find a solution. I have overcome many obstacles and challenges to become the dependable, industrious, and creative young women I am today. These traits, coupled with my adventurous nature, will help me reach out to the community and be a strong representative of the St. Patrickís Association & Irish community as the 2012 Miss Shamrock. Iím excited and looking forward to the adventure and fun experiences Iím going to have while running for Miss Shamrock.

Janell   I am a great people person, love meeting people, social butterfly!
Jennifer A. I love St. Paul and my Irish heritage. I've lived here for over 10 years and love it. I know quite a few people and businesses, since I've worked in various restaurants in the area for the last 10 years. I'm outgoing and friendly and love meeting people.
Jennifer F. Since I was in elementary school, I have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day with my family. We would get out of school, go march in the parade with St. Joe's Hospital (mom works there), and then go to the VFW, where my Uncle Tim was cooking corned-beef and cabbage. My cousin, Brad, and I would have Happy Meals. As I got older, the tradition continued. Now, we have cousins, 2nd cousins, Aunts and Uncles all getting together. We watch the parade, get some food afterwards, and then a group of us will celebrate the rest of the day in St. Paul. I dress in green from head-to-toe, including a green wig! St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday of the year! (Seriously. I like it better than Christmas.)
Jessica I think that I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I am so passionate about my Irish heritage. I really enjoy being a part of and celebrating the Irish culture. I also love to volunteer at the Irish Fair, which I have been doing for the past four summers. Being the enthusiastic person that I am, I am great at spreading Irish cheer! I love to meet new people and bring people together to support great causes. Representing the St. Patrick's Association as Miss Shamrock would be the ultimate opportunity to encourage more people to get involved in supporting the Irish culture.
Karen I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I absolutely love St. Patrickís Day and celebrating my Irish heritage. I love meeting new people and am always willing to strike up a conversation with a stranger. As Miss Shamrock I would bring Irish cheer to all I meet and represent the Association and all its members everywhere I go. Being Irish has given me a strong sense of who I am and where I come from, and that is something Iíd like to share with others. Miss Shamrock should be someone who will promote our Irish heritage, St. Paul, and the Association, and I believe Iím just the girl to do it!
Kathleen I think I would make a great Miss Shamrock because...
I am very outgoing and love meeting new people
I love what the organization stands for and all the charities that they help
I know how to represent myself and an organization in a positive and respectful way
Laura I look forward to getting involved more with the community after moving back home from a 6 year absence in MN.
Mara When I was 14, I was doing a benefit at a local pub for the firefighters involved with 9/11. While I was there dancing, my grandma and I saw a flyer to become the next Miss Shamrock. I promised her that I would enter as soon as I was able to give this organization the attention it deserves. I am finally in that place and I am not only ready to show off my Irish heritage but I also cannot wait to make my family proud!
Mary Kate I would love to have the opportunity to represent an association that not only cares about heritage, and how it helps define who we are, but to be able to help with all of the charitable things that they do. I believe that I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I believe that life is what you make of it, and that happiness, and a smile can go a long way. I live by these two principles, hoping that my influences and accomplishments make other peopleís days a little brighter.
Megan Life is too short not to be Irish! I'm an outgoing people person who is proud of her Irish heritage and would be honored to spred Irish merriment to the St Paul community! The St. Patricks Day parade has been a family tradition all my life and I would love to be part of the parade as a Miss Shamrock Princess!
Megan L My family is very proud of our Irish heritage. I do not think we have ever missed a parade, my dad would pull us out of school to see it. My grandma has passed away and she was always quoting Irish sayings, her whole house decorated with shamrocks and Irish angels, she was a big reason of why the family always through a party on St. Patrick's day. My aunt was Miss Shamrock a few years ago and ever since then It has been something I'd like to do. I think I would be great at it because it is something I am truly proud of. I am a kind, caring and dependable person. I am well organized but I still know how to have fun.
Monica I love to spread the Irish spirit & cheer, wherever I go throughout the year! My favorite color is green, Guinness is my beer; I love being Irish 365 days of the year!
Shannon I have been told that wherever I go, people seem to have fun around me. Because of this, my friends and family joke that I am an "Atmosphere Coordinator." I am very proud of my Irish heritage, and enjoy making people smile, and enjoy whatever it is that we are doing. I believe that my outgoing personality would be a great contribution to the St. Pat's Association, and St. Patrick's Day has been my favorite holiday as long as I can remember!
Shannon M I am extremely proud of my Irish heritage. I define myself with the characteristics of the Irish: loud, outgoing, confident, competitive, and definitely good company. I also look great in green and know lots of people that need St. Patrick's Day buttons;)
Shayne To have fun, sounded right up my alley!
Tara I would make a good Miss Shamrock because I spread Irish cheer everyday of the year! I am a fun, caring, outgoing and adventurous person! I like to spread my Irish energy and positive attitude to those around me. I am quick on my feet and can react to almost any situation in a positive way while having fun doing it. I enjoy socializing with new people and making new friends everywhere I go. My friends would describe my personality as "magnetic" because I get along with everyone and I like to have fun with everything I do. I enjoy volunteering my free time to fundraising and chairty events because I feel that my community has done much for me and it makes me feel good to be able to give back in any way that I can. I stand up for the things I believe in and am passionate about my Irish heritage. Now that I am old enough, I can stop looking up to Miss Shamrock and BE Miss Shamrock!! When it comes to being Irish, I go over the top!!!
Tracey I would make a great Miss Shamrock because I love the Irish heritage and LOVE St. Patrickís day. I enjoy meeting people and making new friendships along the way. I am very motivated, stubborn, and dedicated. I would be honored to be Miss Shamrock and spread Irish cheer throughout! This has always been something I have wanted to do, so I thought it was time to get it off of the ďbucket listĒ and be Miss Shamrock!!